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Frequently Asked Questions 


How do I register and what does it cost?

You can register for this event by clicking HERE.  This is a free event, but you can make an optional donation to the beneficiary listed below.  

How do I submit my time?

You will receive an email within a few days of your registration that contains a link where you will submit and claim your time through Athlinks.  You may also submit your time to josh@secondsoleohio.com if you are having trouble submitting your time.

If I don't have an account through Athlinks, will I need to create one in order to submit my time?

Yes.  However, if you do not want to create an Athlinks account, you may submit your time to josh@secondsoleohio.com and he will upload it for you.  

Do I need to submit proof of my time?

No.  This event is honor-based.  We hope that everyone is truthful when submitting times although we will monitor times as they are uploaded.  

How long do I have to submit my time?  

You may submit your time between the dates of April 1st and April 30th.  

What type of surface can I run my 5K?

Any surface including road, trail, track and treadmill.  

Should I run my 5K individually or with a friend?

While we are encouraging everyone to participate we are also reminding you to keep the currently approved social distance of six feet and to not turn this event into an organized group run.

If I already submitted my time, but run a faster time during the month of April, can I re-submit my time?

Yes you can.  Please submit your updated time to josh@secondsoleohio.com

Are there shirts or awards? 

We are not offering shirts or awards.  The purpose of this event is to promote mental and physical well-being during an otherwise difficult time.  We are also raising funds for a local food bank in the Mahoning Valley.    

Are you accepting donations? 

Yes we are.  You may make a donation during your registration or by clicking the donation tab at the top of the race registration page.

Who are proceeds benefiting?  

Proceeds will benefit Youngstown Community Food Center, Inc. and Gleaners Food Bank.  You can read more about this non-profit organization by clicking HERE.

How can I view the results?

Results will begin to upload on April 5th and update each day.  You will be able to view results by clicking HERE beginning on April 5th.